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Do you have a driving pet peeve? Honk’s readers sure do

Inhabitants of Honkland have pet peeves, and many answered Honk’s call and sent theirs along: Stan Martin of Huntington Beach doesn’t like it when turn signals are not used. Stephen Peeler of Laguna Niguel chips in: “Really, how tough is it to move your little pinky to hit the turn indicator? Show some consideration.” ……
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Flowering, fragrant and fruitful: 5 ways to care for the garden this week

5 things to do in the garden this week: 1. Cherimoyas, mangoes, and papayas are the only commonly available fruit whose seeds grow into trees with fruit that is, as we say, true to type. However, whereas you will need to wait 5-8 years from planting a mango seed to see fruit and wait 3-4…
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Political ritual: California labor priorities and business ‘job killers’ again on a collision course

An annual political ritual was repeated Wednesday when the California Chamber of Commerce released its 2024 list of “job killers” – nine bills that business executives consider to be the most burdensome. “These proposals would add significant costs and burdens to California’s small businesses, creating an even more challenging business climate in our state,” chamber…
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What recent findings suggest about the safety of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has been touted as a strategy for weight loss, reduced inflammation, better blood sugars, appetite control and more. Now researchers have found that following an eight-hour time-restricted eating schedule appears to be associated with a significant increase in risk of death from cardiovascular disease. What does this mean for people who use or…
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Combat disinformation with better norms, not more laws

SACRAMENTO – In a typically unhinged social-media post last month, Donald Trump expressed the desire to jail former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney and the members of the select congressional committee investigating the January 6 riot or insurrection or peaceful demonstration or FBI false-flag operation (pick your narrative). It’s one in a long series of posts…
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Nearly half high school graduates don’t qualify to apply to a California university

Before a graduating high school senior can even consider going to a four-year school in either the California State or University of California systems, he or she must take some specific classes. Dubbed the “A-G requirements,” the courses represent more than what’s needed for a high school diploma but they’re a bare minimum for both…
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How Universal’s Butterbeer Season could be bigger than Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

Universal Studios Hollywood and Knott’s Berry Farm have been going head-to-severed-head during Halloween for decades and now the theme park titans are clashing over signature flavors during dueling food festivals: Butterbeer and Boysenberry. The first-ever Butterbeer Season is now underway through April 30 at Universal Studios Hollywood. The annual Knott’s Boysenberry Festival continues through April…
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California rent ‘bargains’ are disappearing. Which ones are left?

“How expensive?” tracks measurements of California’s totally unaffordable housing market. The pain: Tenants will find dwindling cost advantages when choosing California’s cheapest places to rent compared with the state’s priciest spots. The source: My trusty spreadsheet reviewed Apartment List’s rent data between January 2017 and March 2024. It’s an interesting metric because it’s a mix…
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Taxes: Should you itemize or take a standard deduction?

By Katherine Roth | The Associated Press When tackling your taxes, it can sometimes be hard to figure out whether to opt for a standard deduction or itemize. According to tax pros, itemizing generally only makes sense if your itemized deductions, taken together, add up to more than the current standard deduction of $13,850 for…
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Inglewood settles for nearly $15 million with LAPD officer hurt in mayor’s 2019 crash

Inglewood’s insurance provider will pay nearly $15.5 million to settle a series of lawsuits stemming from a 2019 crash in which a city-owned vehicle driven by Mayor James T. Butts Jr. allegedly went through a red light, collided with another car and was sent spinning into a parked motorcycle officer, according to a newly released…
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