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Smaller, tighter Juárez-style burritos come to Anaheim

The problem, if there is one, with the typical burrito found in the United States is its size. For the skinny on a solution, head to Omar De la Vega and Juan Del Rio’s new spot in Anaheim. Busting at the seams, most burritos — especially those found in Southern California, San Francisco’s Mission District…
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Israel says offensive in Gaza could last for seven months

By Mike Schwartz and Christian Edwards | CNN The war in Gaza will likely continue through at least the end of the year, an Israeli official warned Wednesday, seeming to dismiss the idea that fighting would end after the military offensive against Hamas in Rafah. Israel’s national security adviser, Tzachi Hanegbi, said the year 2024…
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Amtrak offering Auto Train sale, free kids fares

Kristen Hess | (TNS) TravelPulse As part of Amtrak’s summer sale, adult travelers can book coach class aboard the Auto Train for as low as $75. In addition, children under 12 can ride free on both coach class and first-class private rooms. Currently, the sale is valid from May 21 through July 24 on any…
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The Audible: On the late Bill Walton, Ty Lue and Dave Roberts

Jim Alexander: Lots of words have been written and spoken – including by the both of us – following the passing of Bill Walton on Monday at age 71. I referred to him as a “force of nature,” but that may just have scratched the surface. And the amazing thing about the last couple of…
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Here’s how to stay safe when visiting national parks this summer

Mia Taylor | TravelPulse (TNS) At Death Valley National Park, summer temperatures can reach as high as 130 to 134 degrees. For some travelers, that would be reason enough not to visit. But for others, it’s the exact motivation for a trek to Death Valley during the summer: The novelty of experiencing temperatures you’d be…
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Why most EVs in the US are still being shipped to the same few states

By Kyle Stock | Bloomberg As the US car market swiftly and steadily goes electric, the Volkswagen ID.4 remains near the front of an increasingly crowded field. Americans bought nearly 6,200 of them in the first three months of this year. But if you want an ID.4 in South Dakota, you better act fast —…
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Iceland volcano erupts again, shooting lava into the sky

By Marco di Marco | Associated Press GRINDAVIK, Iceland — A volcano in southwestern Iceland erupted Wednesday for the fifth time since December, spewing red lava that once again threatened the coastal town of Grindavik and led to the evacuation of the popular Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. The eruption began in the early afternoon following…
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Swanson: Alexa Melton’s approach to U.S. Women’s Open? ‘It’s just golf’

A girl just wants to have fun – which seems pretty straightforward when you’re a kid winning junior golf tournaments: Hit it as straight as you can, get it in the hole in as few strokes as possible, show off your new trophy to your proud grandpa. Of course, anyone who’s kept at it can…
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Laguna Beach home east of PCH hits new city benchmark, selling for $18.3 million

The hillside home has set a record in Laguna Beach for the all-time highest price sale east of Pacific Coast Highway. (Photo by Brandon Beechler) Disappearing corner glass walls extend the dining room onto the pool terrace. (Photo by Brandon Beechler) The kitchen opens to the great room. (Photo by Brandon Beechler) The ultra-luxe gourmet…
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County chooses status quo at OC Animal Care

Orange County residents who had expected transformational change at the animal-care facility were surely disappointed at the county’s selection in April of a new director, Monica Schmidt. She has the requisite experience and appears open to public input, but she comes from within an agency that has been failing OC residents and animals for years.…
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