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Chicago Bears Q&A: How long will a rebuild take to become a playoff contender? Why didn’t the NFL flex Bears-Packers out of the Sunday night slot? How is the secondary faring?

As the 4-8 Chicago Bears prepare to head north to Green Bay for a Sunday night game against the Packers at Lambeau Field, Brad Biggs takes a spin through the weekly Bears mailbag. Among this week’s topics: a rebuilding timeline, Allen Robinson’s hamstring injury and why on earth the Bears-Packers game is in prime time.…
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John Mara should see this Giants rebuild through

TUCSON, Ariz. — John Mara’s reaction to the 2021 Giants season will be defined by his perspective on it and his expectations for it. If the team president still genuinely believes that he fielded a playoff-worthy roster this fall, then he would presumably view this 4-8 team as underachieving. If he believes that, blowing it…
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The nuclear option can keep the lights on in California

A funny thing has happened on the way to California closing all of its nuclear power plants. Biden administration official Jennifer Granholm says the state should rethink its commitment to scrapping atomic energy. In an interview that will be released at an energy conference this week, the U.S. energy secretary said nuclear power “may be…
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: Here’s what happened when I went to Africa

So my trip to Africa was a failure. Yes, we saw elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, Cape buffaloes, zebras, hippos, warthogs, hyenas, wildebeest and more. It was a regular “Lion King” extravaganza. Sometimes, we saw them so up-close we could count their nose hairs. But I consider any trip a failure when I don’t manage to…
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Disneyland digs into the roots of Walt Disney’s imagination with his Dreaming Tree

A new Disneyland landmark inspired by the hometown tree that Walt Disney daydreamed under as a boy will pay tribute to the vivid imagination of the Anaheim theme park’s founder while also serving as a whimsical children’s playground. The new Dreaming Tree coming to Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland will be inspired by a Cottonwood in…
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California’s ‘tort wars’ heating up again

One of the Capitol’s most enduring conflicts pits personal injury attorneys and their allies in consumer advocacy groups against corporate interests and their insurers. The two factions clash incessantly over what events are deemed wrongful acts (torts), who can sue over those acts and what monetary damages can be awarded. Dubbed “tort wars,” the conflict…
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Inland Empire leads Southern California in economic growth, report says

Los Angeles County’s economy is far and away the biggest in Southern California, but the Inland Empire leads in population and job growth because of lower home prices and rising demand for warehouse workers amid the e-commerce explosion. Those revelations are included in the latest UCLA Anderson Forecast released early Wednesday, Dec. 8. Inland Empire…
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HOA Homefront: In an increasingly hostile world, will we ever return to normal?

While the world still struggles with the pandemic, we yearn for a return to normalcy. In many places, this has already occurred, while in other places it is still underway. However, our society and our communities have suffered great relational damage. Too many ruptures of the social fabric have occurred. Consider the divisions that have…
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OC sheriff ordered to reinstate deputy fired for discarding meth, syringes and other evidence

A former Orange County sheriff’s deputy fired in 2018 for discarding meth and other evidence in an office trash can must be rehired without back pay, according to a confidential arbitration decision. Arbitrator Catherine Harris ruled Dec. 3 that termination was too severe for ex-Deputy Randolph Torres, who threw out a gram of methamphetamine in…
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Much needed rain on the way for Southern California

Southern California residents can expect cool weather and on and off showers into next week, forecasters said. San Bernardino County had some of the most precipitation Tuesday morning, but it was still relatively light and short-lived. Yucaipa Ridge saw only 0.08 inches, the second-highest in the region. Mount San Jacinto came just behind at 0.07…
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